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Standardní Rework Guild adventure Underground


I think guild adventure underground needs a rework. At the moment I doubt it is much fun for anyone. Powerplayers have no competition and can stomp anyone, lesser gods can stomp anyone below them and there's not much the small fries can do about it, except shrugging and move back to the city if they can. Sure they can attack back but are likely to do only minimal damage to the stronger player and are basically killing their own movement points by doing so.

Basically, the only way this is fun is when you enjoy stomping on other players without resistance or when you're a masochist. I'm sure there are a few servers out there where there is a competitive, ongoing battle beween equals but I'm also pretty sure those instances are pretty rare.

Biggest issue in my opinion is that any player can kick up to 10 players when he's got about 20% more power. Doesn't cost him a thing either, only a bit of time and ten health each battle. Once his health is back to zero he can spend like 40/60 movement points and do it all over again or block that city by taking it, leaving the opponent with two choices, try to remove him and spend more movement points or move to another city and spend even more movement points but avoiding the aggravation of looking at a battle you'll surely lose but have to watch anyway. Meanwhile the opposing ten players have minimally lost 200 movement points and probably lost all fun in that part of the game.

I 'd like to hear some ideas that might make this mode more fun and enervating. I'll kick off with a few ideas:

Players should lose more health when attacking. Every attack costs 10 health and 10 movement points. After the attack they'll lose health again according to the damage the defender did.

Players must attack the defending player closest to their power. No more kicking all lower players first and leave the ones you actually might struggle with alone.

Give defending cities a buff.

Give attacking players outside cities a buff when they attack other players. This would work better when these defeated players spawn at ground level right next to the underground portal and the entire underground would be accessible by everyone, so no safe zone.

Don't defend a city with your player but with your units. That way a wide roster would be good and it would be a guild effort to hold all cities. Let's say you can put 4 units and a hero in each city. Players (guildleader and/or officers and /or everyone) can create defending teams from the available units and heroes. Defeated heroes and units get a cooldown. Fun thing here is that your lowlevels see some playtime as well.

I think above points would make it a more enjoyable experience for everyone. Would love to hear other ideas.

Naposledy upraveno Sylus; 31-10-2020 v 08:50.
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